2023 speakers



Geoffrey White is General Counsel, Chief IP Counsel, and on the Board of Directors at SilcoTek, a high-tech materials science manufacturing company in the United States solving challenges for some of the largest global organizations in the world, especially in semiconductor, analytical instrumentation, life science, and energy industries. Properties include inertness, corrosion resistance, metal-ion containment, and more (see www.SilcoTek.com).

At SilcoTek, Geoffrey balances his role as an attorney, an IP strategist, and a manufacturing executive. Geoffrey has a true passion for value-enhancement, applying his experience and education, including a Cambridge MBA, a George Washington IP-LLM, a Widener JD, and a Chemistry BS from the University of Pittsburgh.

He is intimately involved in enabling external organizations to have access to SilcoTek’s proprietary coatings through SilcoTek’s patent filing strategy, which fosters open discussion consistent with SilcoTek’s core values. This openness drove SilcoTek to publicly disclose current patent litigation funding from Omni Bridgeway.

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