The IP Dealmakers Forum launched in 2014 to connect money and IP and bring the two together. At that time the industry went through a boom including live patent actions, lawsuits and assertions. Since then, the industry has matured. Today we are cautiously optimistic about intellectual property. There are more tools in the tool box, and a sharper vision about what monetization of patents and other assets is all about. In just five years the event has grown – this year there will be 300 one-to-one meetings and deals are getting done at the event.

Chairperson Fred Fabricant’s Opening Remarks 

Today, to get deals done requires certainty and predictability. Patent portfolios that once sold for millions are selling for much less. Things have changed for the better but not at the point where portfolios are selling for millions. There are large companies willing to sell portfolios. There are funds willing to back financing for them. I see the current market as a buying opportunity. People are taking advantage of it by buying large portfolios of patents and trying to create value in their monetization programs.

Overall it has become difficult to invest in the space. Since 2012, it has become much tougher to predict. Although there are fewer institutions, the number of cancellations is dramatically down, and the chances of a stay have been reduced. So. the key factors that held the value of patent monetization down has improved and it continues to do so. There’s still risk in the market that is inherent to intellectual property rights. There has been an improvement in 101 decisions, 101 risk has been significantly reduced. The number of cases coming out of the federal circuit courts that have allowed patent to survive decisions has improved. Read more.

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