2017 Event Press

Uber and IBM Counsel Sound Off on Patent Trial and Appeal Board
The Recorder – November 17, 2017

With the enactment of the America Invents Act in 2011, came the creation of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and new administrative avenues for post-grant review of patent validity. Read more. 

Special Feature: 5G And Standard Essential Patents In The US
IP Watch – November 12, 2017

A panel at the recent IP Dealmakers Forum including a US Federal Trade Commission official, a former US judge on a key patent case, and a telecommunications industry licensing expert walked through issues and prospects for the coming of the 5G next generation wireless technology. Views differed on points but panellists agreed that changes are needed to the system for standard-essential patents, including a bigger role for standard-setting organisations. Below is an in-depth account of the discussion. The discussion also included the latest state-of-play at the FTC, which currently has its lowest number of commissioners ever. Read more.

Provenance CEO: The reason the Yahoo! portfolio hasn’t sold is because not enough people are scared of it
IAM Magazine – December 1, 2017

Since Yahoo! put up a large portfolio of is patents up for sale last year we have become accustomed to plenty of speculation about how much the assets might be worth and who might buy them. But we’re still none the wiser about how much the assets might be worth, because aside from a small package that was acquired by Dominion Harbor the portfolio, known as Excalibur IP, is still owned by what remains of the Yahoo! business which is now known as Altaba. Read more.

Michael Shore vows to “take a wrecking ball to the IPR system
Managing IP – November 22, 2017

The lawyer behind Allergan’s controversial transfer of patents to a Native American tribe said at the IP Dealmakers Forum that other companies are “lining up to do deals” and that universities’ endowment funds are interested in getting involved. Shore outlined why he believed these types of deals are here to stay. Read more.

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