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IP Dealmakers: The 3 Key Take-aways for IP Licensing Deals in 2015
Northworks IP Blog – December 10, 2015

Things are looking up. Spending 2 days with the IP and Investment leaders in NYC this week at the IP Dealmakers Forum, highlighted for me 3 key take-aways of IP licensing in today’s business environment: Optimism, Geography, Bargains. Read more.

Apple Decries the Dangers of Patent Litigation in China for U.S. Companies 
China Patent Blog – December 9, 2015

On Monday and Tuesday this week, I was at the IP Dealmakers Forum in New York.  The collection of talented and intelligent individuals both speaking and attending was incredible. Unfortunately, like everyone supporting innovation in the US these days, most people at the conference were quite down.  Although consensus seems to be that the market seems to be at or near the bottom in the US, most believe that the best opportunities for innovation now reside outside the United States. Read more.

It’s not all bad news in the IP market; things may be getting better (in parts, at least)
IAM Magazine – December 8, 2015

After the first day of this year’s IP Dealmakers Forum it was hard to pick the appropriate phrase to accurately describe the general sentiment. “Things might just be improving,” was probably the prevailing view, at least in some parts of the market. Given that the two-day conference brought together many of the leading names in the IP deals and finance market, they served as a pretty good barometer overall. Read more.

Have investors lost the appetite for public IP companies?
IP Watchdog – December 7, 2015

This morning I am at the IP Dealmakers Forum in New York City. The opening panel, moderated by Jaime Siegel, CEO of Cerebral Assets, opened the panel, titled Boom or Bust: The Public IP Market by essentially asking the panelists why their stock prices are all down, some substantially, in a year to year comparison. Have investors simply lost their interest in public IP licensing companies? Read more.

IV founder Edward Jung says US is losing its competitive edge in funding innovative startups
IP Watchdog – December 5, 2015

Jung will be delivering the keynote speech at the 2015 IP Dealmakers Forum in New York City on Monday, December 7, 2015. In advance of this he agreed to go on the record for an interview, which took place via telephone on November 24, 2015. What follows is the transcript of our conversation. Read more.

Mildly bullish on patent market heading into 2016
IP Watchdog – November 18, 2015

I recently had the opportunity to chat on the record with Ashley Keller, a co-founder of Gerchen Keller Capital. Ashley will be speaking at the upcoming 2015 IP Dealmakers Forum in New York City on December 7, 2015, on a panel entitled titled All About Patent Quality — How to Invest in Powerful Patents. In part one of our interview we focused on what caused the patent market to deteriorate in the first place. Read more.

The difficult environment for monetizing patent rights
IP Watchdog – November 16, 2015

Our conversation took place on Thursday, November 5, 2015. In part one, which follows, we discuss the many challenges facing the patent system, in particular a series of patent decisions by the United States Supreme Court that date back to the eBay decision. Without further ado, here is part one of my interview with Ashley Keller. Read more.

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