2022 speakers

Nicholas Chmielewski


Nick is responsible for leading Aon’s Intellectual Property Lending and Insurance business. He has assisted companies in obtaining capital in excess of $500,000,000 and has enabled a lending platform that will deploy in excess of $2.5B annually. Nick also has a specialized expertise in the technology industry and is well-versed in cyber security, media, technology E&O, and professional liability.

Nick joined Aon in August 2013 and was the Central Region Commercial Officer for Cyber Solutions prior to joining IP Solutions. Nick currently manages a team of 20 brokers across the globe. 

Nick earned a Bachelor of Arts in healthcare management from the University of Illinois. He is on the Board for Intellectual Property for Business Insurance and is a winner of the 2019 Business Insurance Innovation Award for the build of Aon’s Intellectual Property Facility.

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