2020 speakers

Marc Booth


Marc Booth is an IP executive with more than 10 years’ experience in patent analysis and licensing in areas including the semiconductor, telecoms, consumer electronics, and medical devices fields. He has been instrumental in Acacia Research Group’s acquisition and monetization of hundreds of patent portfolios.

Mr. Booth is currently the Chief IP Officer at Acacia Research Corporation. Prior to this, he was Executive Vice President and General Manager at Acacia from 2013 to 2017. He joined Acacia in 2006 as Vice President of Engineering.

Prior to joining Acacia, Mr. Booth had a career in design and development engineering, which included positions as Director of Engineering at Nicholas Labs, Senior Director of Engineering at Powerwave Technologies, Vice President of Engineering and CTO at Comarco Wireless Technologies, and Vice President of Engineering at Sony Corporation’s in-flight entertainment division. He began his engineering career as a master’s fellow at Hughes Aircraft Co Display Systems Division. Mr. Booth holds a BS in Physics from the University of California Riverside and an MSEE from the University of Southern California.

Mr. Booth is a member of the Licensing Executives Society and OCTANe, a Southern California organization dedicated to helping start-up companies find funding and industry support.

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