2023 speakers



Changhae Park is senior vice president and chief IP officer at NXP Semiconductors NV, based in Austin, Texas. In this role he leads all aspects of IP matters – including IP creation, counselling and monetisation. Prior to this, he was head of IP monetisation at NXP and chief IP officer of Freescale semiconductors.

Dr Park started in the semiconductor industry as a researcher and has an extensive technical background. He held several technical and managerial positions in Cypress semiconductor and Motorola’s semiconductor products sector before completing his MBA programme and becoming head of an R&D organisation at Motorola. His career in IP monetisation began while he was running the R&D organisation and was primarily focused on technology transfer and licensing. This eventually led him to an expanded role of managing all licensing businesses at Motorola semiconductor and Freescale semiconductor. Dr Park has led numerous IP monetisation campaigns and generated close to $2 billion from a large number of deals with major corporations in the global semiconductor and electronics industries.

Dr Park is originally from South Korea. He received his bachelor’s degree from Ajou University in Suwon, South Korea, his master’s and PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Arizona State University.

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