2016 Event Press

Patent Monetization Is Tip of Iceberg, Financiers Say
Bloomberg BNA – November 21, 2016
There’s more to finding the value in large patent portfolios than just trying to monetize them. Intellectual property financiers at the IP Dealmakers Forum in New York suggested Nov. 18 that companies seek creative opportunities for IP investments and transactions that go beyond traditional options for monetization. But getting IP and finance experts together on innovative deals can be challenging.

USPTO could change direction under Trump administration – panel
Managing Intellectual Property – November 21, 2016
A panel on the US election at the IP Dealmakers Forum speculated that the Trump administration may take a long time to appoint a USPTO director and the Republican leadership that worked on patent bills in the previous Congress will again push for reform.

Schecter warns against upsetting balance between trade secrets and patents
Managing Intellectual Property – November 21, 2016
IBM’s Manny Schecter cautioned against making trade secrets protection too strong on a panel discussing the Defend Trade Secrets Act at the IP Dealmakers Forum

What’s Coming On IP For The US, Geneva? An Interview With Q. Todd Dickinson
Intellectual Property Watch – November 21, 2016

IP Market Updates
Tangible IP – November 21, 2016

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